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Welcome to Haukes AutoCare LLC, proudly providing expert auto and light truck repair, and maintenance services to customers of the Maysville area.
We begin by offering a host of FREE services, including on-line auto maintenance schedules for your car or light truck, followed up with friendly reminders that let you know when your car is due for service. It has never been easier or more convenient to keep your car or truck in top shape.
We also take the time to explain every job, and always provide you with an estimate in advance. You can be assured that our technicians have been trained to repair your vehicle - old and new alike - the very first time. And we always use the right parts for your vehicle.
Our friendly staff invites you to schedule an appointment for your next scheduled maintenance or repair. We are a full service shop and can handle both your basic requirements and your ultimate performance needs. From batteries, to brakes, to tune-ups — let us make sure your vehicle is reliable and safe.

We are now NAPA AutoCare Gold Certified and have demonstrated that we are amongst the best operators and customer destinations in the automotive industry.


Customer Review

  Richard & Susan Schumacher, 01/21/2021

Haukes AutoCare is always very professional and honest!

  Scott Miller, 12/10/2020

Very much appreciate being shoehorned in to have my one item fixed. The time that it took to diagnose the issue, repair, it and return it to me was quite acceptable as well.

  Tammy Riggs, 12/03/2020

Fast service, had my vehicle done in no time!

  Scott Miller, 10/22/2020

Always gets done what needs to get done in a timely fashion - no surprises.

  Tammy Riggs, 09/17/2020

Excellent, fixed my vehicle fast!

  Will Melton, 08/27/2020

Joe?s crew does a phenomenal job getting you taken care of. I drive a mail Jeep and bring it in often for repairs. I hate that I have to call Jessie and tell him I?m having trouble so offen, but I also feel like I?m talking to a friend when I do. I don?t take my Jeep anywhere else!

  Will Melton, 07/16/2020

Hauke?s AutoCare is the only place I take my Jeep to for repair. They are professional and do great work. Most of the time I am pressed for time and need to be back on the road quickly. They accommodate me and my needs as quickly as possible. Great staff and crew.

  Scott Miller, 05/14/2020

Service was great - all items I requested to have checked were so with credible suggestions on future work. Keep up the good work!

  Will Melton, 03/12/2020

They diagnose the problem and correct it with quality work, accurate estimates and on time. Great job by great people!

  Tom Krol, 02/20/2020

Great service, friendly personnel, easy on the wallet too.

  Scott Miller, 12/26/2019

Car was ready when promised and all items addressed to my satisfaction. And, so far in driving (more than 500 miles since visit) all works as I would want it to work - no issues.

  Ross Newton, 12/26/2019

Diagnosed and fixed the problem in less than 1 working day. I use them regularly. They always do excellent work.

  Richard & Susan Schumacher, 10/18/2019

best car shop in town! They are very professional and we always know our vehicle is well taken care of.

  Scott Miller, 09/12/2019

Work done was necessary work that I brought in for them to look at. I was told what would likely be necessary and what might additionally be necessary. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the latter, upping the expense, but I had been told and sort of expected it (my luck runs that way sometimes...). Just ran the car to Lexington and back and it all worked well it seems. So, I am happy with the work done.

  Angie Wells, 08/29/2019

I?m very satisfied with the work they did on my car and the service is great. They did all I asked except check my leaking tires. It was on the list but got overlooked but still they did great on what they fixed.

  Janet & Danny Garrison, 08/29/2019

Hauke's Autocare always provides prompt, friendly service.

  Jack Garrett, 06/27/2019

This is a very impressive shop. I am by choice a used vehicle buyer....I keep my vehicles maintained. I have dealt with many garages and mechanics over my 60 years. The business is clean and modern....Jesse is a pro at the desk. I appreciate their attention to customer satisfaction.....never before had a shop ever texted me with updates. I would highly recommend Haukes Autocare

  Scott Miller, 06/13/2019

All requested work done as asked and in a timely manner. All folks I interacted with were quite polite during the visit.

  Jerry Stohlman, 06/06/2019

Very professional service great job. Completed on time, with a respectful price. I will be back. Thank you.l .

  Will Melton, 04/11/2019

The only place I bring my Mail Jeep for repairs/maintenance. Great work is the standard and it is always met.

  Brian Price, 04/11/2019

Service is always completed timely and professionally. People are friendly and knowledgeable. Even talked me into a different and less expensive service than what i had asked for.

  Richard & Susan Schumacher, 02/21/2019

Hauke's is very professional and honest. I would recommend them to anyone that wants mechanics that do a great job!

  Richard & Susan Schumacher, 01/03/2019

Hauke does a great job! I leave there knowing they have fulfilled my requests and completely taken care of my car and any issues I may have been experiencing. Everyone that works there is very kind and professional! I recommend them highly.

  Will Melton, 09/27/2018

They do a great job and are upfront and honest with you. 100% trust!

  Will Melton, 08/09/2018

The crew at Hauke?s AutoCare is top notch. They do what they say they?re going to do, and do it the right way. Very professional, and Customer Service from Jesse and Emily is exceptional. I depend on my vehicle for income and I depend on Hauke?s to keep me on the road.

  Jennifer Gordley, 07/19/2018

Haukes Auto Care Center was excellent. The staff took care of us from day one and definitly made sure we got the best service possible. We never used Haukes Auto Care Center before but our vehicle's transmition went out and since they accepted our extended warrany we went with them and we are supper glad we did! Thanks Haukes Auto Care Center for the Awesome Service! Kevin & Jennifer Gordley, Maysville, KY

  Janet & Danny Garrison, 07/12/2018

Prompt, friendly service! Thank you Hauke's Autocare!

  Bill & Patricia Whitaker, 06/04/2018

Great service. Good at discovery of problems.

  Robbie Kimble, 03/08/2018

Hauke?s is always accomdoating, friendly, and most importantly quality in their attention to detail.

  Mike Sills, 02/09/2018

Hauke's Autocare is awesome! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Quick service!

  David Lewis, 01/11/2018

A very professional, quality, fair-priced, thorough and honest service. Thank you Joe and Co for doing good work. You have my business for years to come.

  Scott Miller, 11/24/2017

Every time I come to visit, I can usually get a quick appointment at a time convenient for me. The work they do is the work they say they will do and more often than not, done correctly.

  James & Claudia Moose, 10/25/2017

Did a great job. My son had a 1993 Stealth which had not been driven since December 2015. Hauke fixed it up in a few hours after getting a new alternator and my son drove it with no problems to Charleston SC.

  Anderson Security, 09/14/2017

Quick and responsive

  Karen Gleeson, 09/10/2017

They went above and beyond what they had to, thanks again!

  Scott Miller, 08/31/2017

I took the car in for a routine oil change/fluid flush as well as putting bulbs in that had burned out. All work was completed in a timely fashion and everything that was done seems to be working just fine.

  Tom & Clare Vetter, 06/01/2017

I trust Hawkes with our cars. They've done good work for us for a long time.

  Robert Roe, 03/09/2017

Perfect as always-quick diagnosis and repair with great friendly service!

  Bill Marshall, 03/02/2017

Helped me know the true condition of my vehicle Did it in and economical and professional manner

  Scott Miller, 12/29/2016

Work done as described in a timely fashion.

  Charles Blythe, 12/08/2016

I can never say enough good things about Haukes. Joe and his associates are the best in the business (as far as I'm Concerned). We feel confident driving our cars knowing that they received the HAUKES TLC. I was in the office one day and a lady called in and ask if their labor cost was less expensive than others. Wrong question. You see you can't put a price on quality, attention to detail, and a staff that really care about the customer and their car or truck. I will say that you always get a fair price and quality work that they stand behind. I always want the best, that's why I trust the service of my cars and the road safety to Haukes.

  Lewis Residential Care Home, 12/01/2016

Great job! You all saved me a bunch of money!

  Scott Miller, 11/24/2016

Work done as requested in a timely fashion along with some maintenance issues brought up that will be addressed in the near future.

  Dwight Bates, 10/28/2016

Great service!!! Had major maintenance and inspections. Gave Hauke the Honda recommendation inspections list. They did every one. Also, had frontend aligned. Boy does she drive nice!

  Lewis Residential Care Home, 10/20/2016

Excellent service at a fair price.

  Charles Blythe, 10/14/2016

Maybe I sound like a broken record, but I can say from several years experience that Haukes is the only place I trust to maintain my cars and trucks to keep me and my family safe as we travel locally or vacation. The job is always done right and in a professional and timely manner. When I can get over 500,000 miles of trouble free driving out of my old Tracker, I know it was because of the excellent servicing received from Haukes. I'm working on almost 350,000 on my Impala now and I owe it to Joe and the Haukes team.

  Keith Sergent, 09/29/2016

Professional, friendly, and accommodating service. My Mini Cooper was repaired quicker than expected. Thank You!!

  Scott Miller, 09/08/2016

Work was done and completed in a timely fashion. No further issues have happened due to those completed maintenance work.

  Pam Whisman, 08/25/2016

car is really doing good thank you for fixing it i would give you a 5 star

  Aleksei Shabalin, 08/25/2016

I use Haukes AutoCare LLC all the time when I need to repair/maintain my Acura MDX 2006.

  Charles Blythe, 08/11/2016

Professional, dependable, Job done right, first time every time. Haukes has never let us down, or disappointed us.

  Bill Marshall, 08/11/2016

Excellent work at a reasonable price in a short time frame

  Frank Dunaway, 06/09/2016

As always I was very pleased with my experience at the shop you guy and gals do a good job with a simple.

  Charles Blythe, 05/26/2016

If you have tried the rest and been sorta satisfied, I urged you to try the best in automotive maintenance and repair...Haukes AutoCare. They are indeed the best.

  Scott Miller, 05/12/2016

Repairs were made in a timely fashion at quoted price.

  John Laycock, 04/21/2016

Haukes AutoCare does a wonderful job. I trust them to give me the best advice and recommendations. I always feel like they are looking out for the customers best interest. I would recommend them to anyone. I have not been happy with the my Volkswagon dealer service experiences. I am relieved to have another option because I feel like I can trust Haukes AutoCare to be honest and upfront with me.

  Richard & Susan Schumacher, 03/24/2016

I am very pleased with Haukes AutoCare. They have found two problems with my 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan that I was not aware of and therefore I was able to take it back to the dealer under warranty. Haukes is very dependable and professional.

  Aleksei Shabalin, 03/24/2016

I would recommend Haukes AutoCare LLC to everybody.

  Richard & Susan Schumacher, 01/08/2016

Hauke is very dependable and honest. They complete your service in a timely manner and they pick up on problems that you might not even be aware of. Best place in town to get the best service!

  Richard & Susan Schumacher, 12/31/2015

Hauke AutoCare is very professional and honest. They are the only auto care shop we will go to. When you pick up your vehicle, you know it is repaired! Thank you Hauke AutoCare for serving the Maysville area!

  Scott Miller, 12/24/2015

Nice friendly service, very thorough. Even did a check back on a related issue with no hesitancy.

  Charles Blythe, 12/10/2015

As always, you provide not only excellent professional service, but a service I can trust to do the work necessary to keep my family safe as we drive. Thank you for many years of Great Service.

  Frank Dunaway, 11/02/2015

I have always had a positive experience the staff is always friendly and professional the service I always trust.

  Charles Blythe, 10/22/2015

My auto's run longer and are more trouble free simply because of the excellent work performed by the the excellent folks at Haukes.

  Aleksei Shabalin, 10/22/2015

I had a really good experience with repairing my car by Haukes AutoCare. Very friendly and helpful staff, fast and professional service. I'd recommend the company to my friends.

  Charles Blythe, 10/15/2015

The only place to take care of my cars... Haukes Auto Care. Expert service, accurate estimates, and always...the work is done right. If you've tried the rest... Now try the Best... HAUKES. Charlie Blythe

  Bill Asbury, 10/15/2015

In a day when it is not easy to find a good trusted repair shop other than dealerships, it is nice to know that Joe Haukes Automotive Shop is there and they will do there best to help you! Good People! Good at what they do! Bill Asbury

  Frank Dunaway, 10/15/2015

Very friendly and professional.

  Stephanie & John Braughton, 10/15/2015

Friendly, fast & honest!

  Richard & Susan Schumacher, 10/09/2015

we are very satisfied with Hauke AutoCare. They are very professional and you leave there knowing your vehicle was well taken care of.

  Sue Patrick, 09/03/2015

Easy to work with and quality of work is the best!

  Lewis Residential Care Home, 09/03/2015

Great job for a fair price!

  Sue Patrick, 08/20/2015

As always work was done well.Joe runs a clean shop; one of my reasons for going to him among many other. He's extremely competent,knows his autos and can diagnose quickly.--Highly recommend!

  Ann Dragoo, 08/20/2015

Very satisfied with the work that was done.

  Shelley Sroufe, 07/16/2015

I know I can always count on Haukes Auto Care. Great service everytime!

  Glenn&Connie Hehner, 07/16/2015

We were amazed at how fast they were on repairing our vehicles. They did an excellent job on both vehicles. If, in the future, we need any work done on one of our vehicles, we're definitely going back to Hauke.

  Scott Miller, 09/20/2018

Job done when promised and pretty close to price mentioned. This is my usual experience with this shop

  Scott Miller, 02/12/2018

Advice given is good and work done is good, though at present there is the same annoying problem with the check engine light that I brought it in for most recently. I have since put additional fuel cleaner in and run an entire tank of gas on it and more recently simply filled the tank. I am waiting to see if any of this relieves the problem before returning.

  Joe Rizk, 03/30/2017

A polite and knowledgeable automotive service center

  Scott Miller, 03/16/2017

Mechanical work done as promised. Some difficulty in coming to get me to get my car back when complete. Since they had my only car, it would be necessary to do this.

  Roy Faul, 06/08/2016

Work was performed as needed and completed sooner than promised. Very courteous and friendly. Only negative is prices are somewhat more expensive than other repair businesses.

  Mick Grant, 03/03/2016

Best workshop in the region with a boss that looks after his customers!


Our teams of highly trained and certified technicians are here to serve you. From oil changes to complex computer diagnostics, our staff is here to do what it takes to maintain your car. We are also certified to maintain new car warranties, so you can rely on us to be your one-stop service center.
Our certifications include:
  • A/C
  • Brakes
  • Electrical systems
  • Engine Service and Repair
  • Exhaust/System
  • Oil, Lube, Filter
  • Radiator
  • Smog/Emissions
  • Suspension
  • Tire Inspection
  • Transmission
  • Tune-Ups
  • Wheel Alignment

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